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Using 6S Lightburner controller with multiple Batteries

Hey guys, it’s been a while, I have lots of awesome stuff to share with you however this time this is a technical blog entry

I am often asked “why do I need high voltage Lightburner controller if I am using multiple packs in series?”

This picture shows a typical multi-pack (2P6S two 6S packs = 12S), Bat A and Bat B, combined together in a series to generate a higher voltage. This setup is very common for a power system that requires 7S or more. Battery A is 0V to 22.2V and Battery B is 22.2V to 44.4V or in other words, the ground voltage of Battery B is 22.2V. Now, normally you won’t care however if you will connect the Lightburner controller to Battery B balance plug, the controller will perish in a cloud of smoke...

Here is why; in this configuration, the ground voltage of Battery B is 22.2V so once you plug the controller to Battery B balance plug, the ground difference between the controller’s PWM input signal (the input signal from your receiver) will be phased by 22.2V which is more than what the controller can handle.

Your options are:

1. High Voltage version of the Lightburner controller – solder the controller leads to the main power connector and you won’t have to worry about ground voltage. This is the preferred and safest solution

2. Using the standard 6S controller and making sure you always connect the controller to Battery A balance plug

3. Using the standard 6S controller with dedicated battery

Happy afterburnering!



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