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Hello, World!

This is so exciting! My first blog posting at my newly created website!

It all stared for me about 40 years ago when my father purchased his first R/C model, a Nieuport 17 powered by an OS .40 engine and controlled with a very old Futaba radio. He spent months building the plane and I (as a little kid) was fascinated by the fact that random pieces of balsa wood are slowly taking shape and becoming a real model.

Since then, model aircrafts became an addiction of mine; I built and flown free flight models, 2-meter R/C gliders, slope R/C gliders, nitro powered R/C planes and F3J/F3B gliders but I always had a passion for scale R/C jets. When I was a kid at the early 80s, our local hobby shop had a 1/8 F-16A model on display- for month I was obsessed with that model, I was making daily detours to the hobby shop on my way back from school just see that beautiful F-16 again! Few years ago, when I flow for the first time my Freewing F-16, I finally had the chance to hold the stick of an F-16, that specific moment (well, after I safely landed the plane) was very emotional for me.

In the next few posts, I share my experience, offer tips and tricks about the Lightburner and in general about EDFs and offer a sneak peek of new designs and products.

See ya, Ran.

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